Case-sensitive tags on's Notebook feature

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Case-sensitive tags on's Notebook feature

Postby markojarvis » Thu Oct 04, 2012 11:56 am

Is there a way to make tags case-sensitive in the Notebook? Usually, I study from an iPad and create tags there, but occasionally I'll study at, where all tags are lowercase. Any time I enter a tag online, it appears to group the new entry with other entries of the same tag. But it actually creates a separate tag (in lowercase) on my iPad, so the lowercase tags online don't match up with the tag organization I've built (over months and months) on my iPad. In other words, my online tag of "mercy" does not merge with my mobile tag "Mercy." Is there anything I can do to strong-arm the Notebook into recognizing case-sensitivity?

(I suppose it would have been easier to make ALL of my tags lowercase from the beginning. I just couldn't bring myself to type "jesus christ" in place of "Jesus Christ," or "love from god" in place of "Love from God." Sigh.)

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