What search algorithm/policy does lds.org follow?

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What search algorithm/policy does lds.org follow?

Postby Lindsays » Thu Aug 02, 2012 9:00 pm

Hello all,

Forgive me if this is a repetitive inquiry, but I couldn't find anything about it already in your forums.

For several weeks now, I've searched at lds.org for certain phrases that I remember reading--by surrounding the phrase with quotes, and hitting enter. Frequently, the search engine returns no results, even for phrases that I'm certain are statistically likely to exist. I can't remember all the different examples of this, but the silly example from today was when I searched for the string: "don't try to do everything"; and lds.org found no results. I also tried the lds.org advanced search.

So then I head over to google advanced search and enter
"don't try to do everything" site:lds.org

and VOILA! a handful of results come up within lds.org. Does the church search engine not use quotation marks? What else is making these results different?

It has also become clear to me that the church is using some kind of filter policy to make recent conference talks appear in the search results several pages before older talks. An example: my 10 year old daughter proudly told her primary teacher that she had fasted 24 hours. The primary teacher rebuked her gently by saying that a proper fast was only 2 meals, which is apparently the common, modern, politically correct definition (and I'm fine with that). But I was stunned to find almost no results to my search of [fast 24 hours] on lds.org, even though I know it was sometimes taught like that.

So how does lds.org filter and organize search results? And if this has already been answered in a past thread, what terms should I have used to find it in the forum search results? :-)

Thank you, knowledgable folks!


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