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Marking threads as read

Posted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 9:32 am
by jbh001
When you click the New Posts button and come up with that lovely list of posts, It would be nice if there was a button to click (or some other method) for marking individual threads as read.

Perhaps I just need someone to point me to the correct method of doing this since I have not yet stumbled across it intuitively.

Number of New Posts

Posted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 11:26 am
by jeromer7
Wasn't that long ago that clicking on New Posts once a day yielded only a handful of entries. In the last few months multiple new forums have been added and some very prolific posters have found us! So, now I often find the New Posts list running to two pages. Not complaining--it's good we are getting folks tuned in.

I second the motion to have an easier way to siphon off those threads one is not interested in (if vBulletin supports something like this). Now I just click on each thread and if not interested in the topic, immediately hit New Posts again.

Posted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 1:46 pm
by rmrichesjr
For catching follow-up postings to existing threads you have already noticed, you can subscribe to the thread. You can select whether to be notified by email when new posts are added to each thread. You can also view a list of threads to which you have subscribed.

Now, all that's needed is a way to filter which of the new postings to new threads you might be interested in. 1/2 :-)

Posted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 5:59 pm
by lajackson
You can mark a whole forum as read. I have not found a way to mark a thread as read.

Posted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 8:34 pm
by rmrichesjr
lajackson wrote:You can mark a whole forum as read. I have not found a way to mark a thread as read.

Do you often want to mark threads that have more than a couple of pages? If not, just bringing up the pages of the thread should mark it as read. Or, is the problem more complex than that?

Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2008 7:06 pm
by lajackson
I am finding that selecting the New Posts link at the top of the page is a good way to get a quick update on what has happened in the last few days.