Rating Threads - can self-rate

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Rating Threads - can self-rate

Postby atticusewig » Mon Jan 29, 2007 1:10 pm

Just noticed that someone who starts a thread
has access to rate it as well (those stars by
it indicating how good it is).

Don't know if you want to allow that or not.
Seems like it defeats the whole purpose of
rating threads if the original author can
artificially inflate its rating.

Atticus Ewig

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Postby WelchTC » Mon Jan 29, 2007 1:14 pm

I'm not sure that we can change it to prohibit thread starters from rating but I'll check into it. However it is not much of a worry because other users who rate the thread will get averaged in to the rating.


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Postby thedqs » Tue Jan 30, 2007 12:33 am

Example of what Tom said, 1 person votes for his tread at 5 stars, but you read the thread and think that it is a poor subject and shouldn't be here and rate it a 1 (you also might send the admin a PM to talk about it). The average is now ((5+1)/3) 3 (3 stars). Another person agrees with you and we have 2.3 (2 stars). After another 5 people rate it a poor thread we have 1.5 which I don't know but I think it is a 1 star. So don't worry if the person rates high, after enough people rate it we see what the community thinks.:D
- David

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