Can the Webcast Communicator accept Network Camera Video?

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Can the Webcast Communicator accept Network Camera Video?

Postby dvester » Fri Oct 02, 2009 10:23 am

We have just ordered our Webcast Communicator and 5 receivers, and I'm trying to pick a camera. For a variety of reasons, I'd prefer to use a Network camera that transmits it's video over our existing tcp/ip network in our stake center.

Does anyone know if the webcast communicator will accept video through it's network (rj-45 connector) rather than through the s-video/rca connectors?

If so, has anyone tried this, and how well has it worked?

The 2 cameras I'm looking at seriously are the Network version of the Canon C50 series (model VB-C50i) and the Sony [font=Arial][size=134][color=#231f20][font=Arial][size=134][color=#231f20][font=Verdana][size=84]SNC-RZ30.[/SIZE][/font][/color][/SIZE][/font][/color][/SIZE][/font]

[font=Arial][size=134][color=#231f20][font=Arial][size=134][color=#231f20][font=Verdana][size=84]Anyone have experience with either of these cameras in their networks?[/SIZE][/font][/color][/SIZE][/font][/color][/SIZE][/font][font=Arial][size=134][color=#231f20]

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Postby michaelbuhrley » Sun Oct 04, 2009 11:45 am


Some camera manufacturers provide drivers which will make a network camera appear as a local device on a PC. Using the driver is the only way you may be able to get this to work, however you would also need to change the encoding profiles that are built into the webcaster. This sounds like it may be more appropriate to test under webcaster 2.0 as the profiles are not likely as tied to specific hardware.

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Network camera

Postby Paulbb1 » Thu Oct 08, 2009 7:54 am

We have installed a Sony D-70 which outputs both s-video and composite. It is order-able via distribution center for around $800. Great camera. We are using Cat5e cable with baluns on each end to got from chapel to media library and the satellite cabinet approximately 180 feet. Just use one of the Cat5e cables for camera. Using coax for composite. Capture card is a Osprey 210. Images are good. In the testing stages using Windows media encoder until Webcaster 2.0 gets developed and released.

Biggest issue is controlling camera remotely. Camera supports RS422 but input connection is confusing with the options being varied. Could also use an IR repeater. I'll document the installation in another thread with photos. Forgot to get photos of camera mount.

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Postby Enigma1-p40 » Wed Oct 14, 2009 9:07 am

I work as a trainer/student supervisor for the Global Service Desk. When we received a test unit back in November or December of last year I was asked to create a training for our agents. I'm sure that someone at CHQ has played with this extensively as well but for all intents and purposes of this post I will tell you what I have learned and experienced with this equipment.
The two options that webcast communicator gives you when setting up a webcast is video through the S-Video port and the Composite port. The communicator itself is made in a way that it is pretty much dummy proof which is excellent for us because ANYONE can run it. However, by having something so easy to use you will lose advanced functionality.
There is no way at this time to connect a network camera to the communicator and have it be recognized.

I have also played with the sony D-70 and Love it!!! amazing Camera

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