Poor bitrate even though good Internet speed

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Poor bitrate even though good Internet speed

Postby jadiegiorgis » Mon Aug 28, 2017 2:41 am

A little over a week ago we we had major bitrate issues at one of our receiving sites. Even though that site consistently gets 5 down and 1 up for internet speeds, the webcast was running consistently sub 300K and constant buffering. I ended up setting the player to low bandwidth and change from auto to 268. This cleared up the buffering. I am struggling with what is causing the poor performance of the webcast at this location. We have another location where the internet speed is similar in speed or slower and it was running at 1500K bitrate.

Any ideas what could cause this difference?

As an FYI, I talked with SLC during the broadcast and at one point the mentioned we weren't using the dedicated link, though we were. Then they responded they could now see us using the dedicated link. At that moment the bitrate spiked to just under 800 before settling back to sub 300.

We were running on Windows 10 using Internet Explorer and a direct connection. Wi-Fi at the building was disabled.

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