Teradek Vidiu - No Video Available Issue

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Teradek Vidiu - No Video Available Issue

Postby ccmichaelson » Sun Nov 13, 2016 3:38 pm

The Teradek Vidiu device displays "no video available" (both on the device itself and the web interface).

I have a lot of equipment (camera controllers, video switchers, etc.) so I stripped everything down to its simplest form... 1 SD camera directly connected to an Atlona AT-HD120 device and an HDMI cable between the Atlona HD120 and the Teradek Vidiu device.

If I unplug the hdmi cable from the Teradek and plug it into an HDMI TV I see the video just fine. However, if I plug the HDMI cable back into the Teradek device it says no video (regardless of what resolution I select and I tried both the PC/HD switch)...

I think I have a bad Teradek device but IDK.. I also tried the church's recommended firmware as well as the latest firmware from Teradek...

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Re: Teradek Vidiu - No Video Available Issue

Postby nelalhurcran » Sun Nov 13, 2016 7:17 pm

Have you tried sending a different video source to the VidiU - a DVD player or similar that has an HDMI out - just to check all the variables. If that doesn't work, then your box is probably dead.

Mind you, if it works, that's a whole new world of "WHAT?!?"

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