Troubleshooting tips if the recieve sites stream is bad

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Troubleshooting tips if the recieve sites stream is bad

Postby rannthal » Tue Feb 16, 2016 4:09 pm

Is the graph on your receive site looking like this:
Receive sites stats
(816.41 KiB) Not downloaded yet

or the graph on the broadcast site looks like this:
Broadcast stats graph
(620.81 KiB) Not downloaded yet

or is your receive site stream pausing, looping back on itself, going black and/or skipping ahead?

Instead of looking at what is wrong with the receive site, look at the broadcast site; specifically its internet. More often then not, its is one of two things.
1. The stream is trying to be broadcasted at a higher encoding bitrate then the broadcast site can handle. For example, The terradek is set to encode at 1.5M and the upload throughput at the stake center is only 1M. The stream is over-driven and causes the major problems to the stream.
Solution: Lower the encoding bitrate and consider lowering the audio bitrate also.

2. The broadcast site's internet is dropping and reconnecting, or the internet's bitrate drops to a very low rate and then creeps back up slowly. This process is repeated over and over. If you could graph this process, it would look like a heart beat. This kind of things cause major havoc on the receive sites.
Solution: Try lowering the encoding bitrate to a low rate to see if the internet can sustain it.

While at the broadcasting site, it hard to see in real time what is going on. Rely on your assistants to tell you what is going on at the receive sites.

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