Which Region should I choose when scheduling a streaming event?

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Which Region should I choose when scheduling a streaming event?

Postby richardkmiller » Mon Oct 19, 2015 3:02 pm

When scheduling a streaming event at portal.ldswebcast.org, one requirement is to select the Nearest Region, e.g. East US, Central US, West-Europe, etc. Your streaming server will be provisioned in this region. Which one should you choose?

ANSWER: Today I learned that these regions correspond to the Microsoft Azure data centers. You can visit http://www.azurespeed.com/ to discover which Azure data center is the lowest latency from your current location. You should select that Region when creating a new event.

There's one caveat: If this tool tells you that "West US" is the closest Azure data center, you'll notice that this option is not available in portal.ldswebcast.org. I spoke with a support rep in Global Service Center and he said the Church does not use Azure's "West US" data center because they've seen it have reliability or latency problems. Take the next fastest data center after "West US".

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