Monitor the webcast video real time on MWC?

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Monitor the webcast video real time on MWC?

Postby autryld » Fri Oct 31, 2014 7:27 pm

Our Sony EVI-D90 is now installed and ready to go for our next stake conference. Before this camera was installed, I used a video camera that was placed up high on the ledge where the fluorescent lights are mounted. With the camera out of reach, that meant no panning or zooming. The new camera is hooked into the closed circuit TV system and modulated as Channel 6.
With the remote camera, I can now zoom but how can I monitor it real time without running a looonnng RF cable to where I am sitting for a TV. I do not want to split the composite video feeding the MWC. Is the MWC capable of displaying the real time video that is being uploaded to The MWC VGA connector is live and I've connected a monitor before but there does not seem to be much on that little XP box.

Larry Autry

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