Requests for Upgrades to Software for Video Broadcasting

Conversations around originating a webcast for conference, including cameras and mixers.
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Requests for Upgrades to Software for Video Broadcasting

Postby aeroengineer1 » Sun Feb 17, 2013 4:56 pm

As indicated in a previous thread, we were able to successfully broadcast using the software based solution for broadcasting. On the whole it was an ok experience, though, there is a lot that could be better. Please do not get me wrong, it worked and got out the message, but there were some quirks that thankfully we found in testing. We were glad that we found before and not during conference. Here are some of these things in no particular order, but errors are generally listed first, feature upgrades are towards the end.

-When setting up the video capture, I could not set up the device to be both a video and sound capture device despite the fact that the video capture device could take in both. This was somewhat frustrating, but we found a worked around.

-The settings of the video capture device were not saved during program shut downs. It would save the device itself, but then I would always have to go back in and set it to composite video from s-video.

-When changing settings, the OK button would be greyed out, and not be active. Thankfully just clicking on the X to close the window saved the changes.

-When trying to set up the video capture device to use a channel for showing a satellite feed, I could not find the place to set this up. I then was playing around with the sound device settings and found that the channel settings were found under the sound device settings. This seems like an error.

-Monitoring the video capture with another program at the same time as broadcasting causes the broadcasting program to crash.

-Could not find a way to broadcast a static picture with sound.

-The program window cannot be resized larger or smaller.

Now to feature requests
-It is very hard to monitor video quality when the preview window is about 1.5" screen size. It would be great if we could have a full screen preview.

-Sound quality cannot be adequately checked in the program. We had to check our sound by calling the buildings that we were broadcasting to. There were a few times that we had to change some volume levels because the music or speakers were louder, or softer than normal. There needs to be a way to listen to what is being outputted to the web in realtime without an external device to check for clipping. The visual sound level bar is not completely sufficient.

-Sound levels cannot be changed in the program while the program is running. The requires an external device to be able to do this. Please allow for volume changes as well as adding some equalizer control that can be changed while broadcasting.

-Video color settings cannot be changed while broadcasting. It would be nice to be able to do some color correction in real time.

-Simple screen overlays would be great. This would allow for names of speakers as well as displaying hymns and scripture.

-Have a hymn database would be so very helpful. Hand copying these into power points is a bit troublesome (especially when done late at night, it might lead to the person forgetting the last line to a verse ;)

-A scripture database would be equally helpful.

-Both the hymn database and scripture database would need to be able to be shown as a video overlay to be able to see the conductor or the speaker.

I feel that these upgrades to the video software could help our members feel a bit more of the spirit. With these upgrades it would allow for a more professional appearance similar to the appearance to the general conferences.


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