Recommendations for Video Broadcasting

Conversations around originating a webcast for conference, including cameras and mixers.
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Recommendations for Video Broadcasting

Postby aeroengineer1 » Sun Feb 17, 2013 4:11 pm

I just made it, with a wonderful supporting team, though our first broadcast for Stake Conference. This is not the first time that we have done a broadcast in our stake, it is just the first successful broadcast since the last one failed. I have some observations that I want to pass along, both in setup as well as recommendations for the broadcasting software.

Our stake building previously had DSL service, and we had to broadcast at the lowest quality available, and even with that, we were almost clipping on the bandwidth. For buildings that have very little bandwidth, we found these things to work well:

-Use the broadcast software and a laptop/desktop to run it. The software based solution has a setting that is lower bandwidth than the broadcaster. It is 280K upload requirement vs the 480K (I think these are the numbers, I am not looking at them right now).

-Run a bandwidth test to see what your limits are. There is a tool in the broadcast software to do this.

-Turn off wireless access points. Our building has all WAPs on a single power switch allowing us to turn them off. Unfortunately the church does not give out passwords to the router/firewall, otherwise I would have shut down the wireless of the 881. To do this, this was the recommendation given by SLC, I removed the three antennas during the conference. The wired connection still was accessible at the stand if needed.

-We currently are coming through the building sound system into a mixer box which then goes to the "Line In" on the back of the computer. Remember, many buildings are giving a line level signal, if you do not use the Line In for the sound, not the Mic In, you will have terrible sound quality.

-We had poor sound on the piano, and we have a potential solution for that. The short solution is to have the pianist turn on and off the mic as they get up and down. The longer solution is to have all the mics go into a mixer before it goes into the wall, then have a person that runs the mixer.


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