Feedback Proposal - LDSTech Feedback broadcast

What is LDSTech doing right? What are we doing wrong? What products do you love? What products do we need to improve? Let us know how we are doing.
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Feedback Proposal - LDSTech Feedback broadcast

Postby johnshaw » Mon Aug 05, 2013 9:42 am

The latest LDSTech broadcast was an interesting display of assurance that 'they are listening'. In my experience on this board, the community moderators are very quick to point out that this forum is not a place to provide feedback and that Church Employees are not guaranteed to read what is posted here. Many of us wonder if anything we're doing does get into the hands of Church Employees, etc... The collective group of people on this board have vast experience that can be used to help in the direction of tools being processed, so the church really should have a mechanism for categorizing the feedback.

Could we implement a 'Sticky' Thread on each of the forums with a Feedback/Suggestions area where the rule would be that people are not supposed to comment or respond to the post, but just to allow a holding place for the feedback/suggestion?

If we had at least one thread like this on the major areas of the tech board, this would be a quick/easy way for Church Employees to see what feedback is coming in, and we as a community, have some insight into what has been sent In..... Is there a way to add a 'Like' function and allow people to add a +1 to the feedback?

Anyway... just thinking about the broadcast, why it was even necessary (because if the community felt it was being heard, would there truly be a need for a broadcast that assures us that we are being heard) and what we could do to make an improvement?

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