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Audio Versions of the Scriptures

Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2011 11:20 am
by kennova
on the Classic site was a link to the Audio Version of the scriptures with links to the complete downloads of the scriptures broken down by chapter or the entire book.

BofM example,18692,5297-41,00.html

The new site doesn't have an equivalent. You can find the links when you are looking at the chapters. Which is nice and I'm not saying to change that, but we should add a summary page somewhere with all the audio content. If there is one I couldn't find it.

Additionally, these are books, they should be in Audiobook format, either m4b or something other format that understands the concept of chapters and remembering where you left off. Again this would be in addition to the MP3 option.

As far as I can tell the licensing shouldn't be an issue and the Church should be able to distribute these freely.

There is at least one place that has the BofM in m4b format
and the Doctrine and Covenants