Donations through Fidelity Charitable Giving Fund

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Donations through Fidelity Charitable Giving Fund

Postby caroleeaw » Tue Mar 28, 2017 11:00 am

Last year my husband and I opened a Charitable Giving Fund through Fidelity where we donate to that fund (that generates the tax deductible event) and from there we make grants to organizations. Last year we paid our tithing through that fund to the church and it didn't link up with my husband's membership record as it would if we were paying directly from a bank account (as we have in the past). We don't need the verification that we are paying tithing for tax records, as that comes from Fidelity, but it might be nice for the church to know that we are paying our tithing. How can we link that donation up with a membership record number?

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Re: Donations through Fidelity Charitable Giving Fund

Postby wareham » Tue Mar 28, 2017 12:55 pm

When I donated shares in the past through the In-kind Office, there was no tithing indication shown and, as far as I know, no link between my donation and my local ward. As with you, the transaction didn't show up on my year-end statement of donations. That didn't matter for tax purposes due to the receipt of the donation from my mutual fund and from the Church.

As far as the Church knowing you paid tithing, that is accomplished in tithing settlement when you declare your tithing status to your bishop. As a former bishop, there were many times where the local records showed $0 but the member declared to me a full tithe status. Usually, it was with in-kind donations. Also, when using the bill pay option from your bank (before the online donation function) the donation didn't show up on the ward's records but did on the year-end statement I received directly from the Church.

As an aside, the dollar amounts shown on the local records never really mattered to me; it was all about the member's declaration of their status. My parents, however, had a bishop that was really bothered that he couldn't see a donation amount.

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