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Postby smith_jocy » Sun Mar 06, 2016 11:49 am

Will the church please create a way so that my husband and I could have our donations combined in one record? That would be so nice. Thanks!

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Re: Donations

Postby eblood66 » Sun Mar 06, 2016 12:12 pm

I don't know the reasons but the church seems to need to have donations linked to just a single member. There may be legal reasons or financial institution policy reasons. However the church has tried to accommodate the desire for a combined record as closely as they can.

If you make donations to your ward then you should submit all your donations under one name and ask your clerk to make sure both names are included on reports.

If you make your donations online then there are two online settings that can help. On the Donations page under the Settings tab you can check 'Display spouse name' and 'Allow spouse to view my donations' settings. Your husband should do this as well. Once those settings are on for both accounts you'll both be able to see all donations. When you print statements you'll still have two statements but both statements will have both names and you'll both be able to print both statements at once.

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Re: Donations

Postby russellhltn » Sun Mar 06, 2016 1:47 pm

eblood66 wrote:There may be legal reasons or financial institution policy reasons.

Donations have to be handled in accordance to tax law in various countries. So the church has some limits on what it can do.
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