Serious game concept - The Real Game

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Serious game concept - The Real Game

Postby rogerpackham » Tue Sep 30, 2014 11:19 pm

Take a look at the game concept below. What do you think? is there already something like this out there? I don't have the coding experience to bring it alive, but I would _very_ much like to learn and be involved.
There isn't enough time before the contest is up, but if the idea is good, perhaps the contest will be repeated next year?

The Real Game.pdf
game concept presentation (no graphics yet)
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The Real Game
Do what it takes to feed world hunger, aid disaster zones, stop epidemics. This isn’t just a game. It is real.

Get involved – make a difference

You are project organizer in a non-profit or non-governmental organization. What cause will you help? How will you do it? Can you pull together the resources to make a difference?

Raise awareness of world issues, and what is being done about them.
Familiarize future leaders with the many organizations that are already involved.
Bring together like-minded people in a common cause
Break through initial barriers that prevent good people from getting involved
Provide an easy avenue to get involved - raise money, advertize, network

Game play guides users through steps common to aid organizations
Fund raise $$
Deploy the team
Problem solving in the field

Game Play
Facebook/Myspace/Cellphone app
Users pick a scenario to solve
Advertize to friends to join in the cause
Plan a course of action
Time schedule of action
Fund raise methods
Select organizations to work through
Weigh most valuable objectives against funds/manpower available
Send out the team
Assign virtual workers to tasks and objectives.
Guide workers as they react to conditions on the ground
Work through obstacles (poor conditions, terrorists, transportation/distribution problems)

Play = fundraise for the cause!
Raise money for the cause being played
Google ads, etc. More people involved = $
Direct contributions from player’s friends/family network resulting from a user’s advertizing efforts
100% of funds raised will be donated to organizations the user selected in the scenario.
Aid organizations will directly benefit:
Receive donations
Identify quality future volunteers
Raise awareness of their cause

Try looking for a non-profit job, there are THOUSANDS of organizations. Which to choose, which to help? How to educate myself and others on such a large subject?

World Food Programme
Food Force/Food Force 2
Job search with Opportunity Knocks
Charity organizations

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Re: Serious game concept - The Real Game

Postby marianomarini » Wed Oct 01, 2014 3:50 am

If I well undestood it sound like a "web role-playing game".
If not is a "disguise" fund rising.

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Re: Serious game concept - The Real Game

Postby rogerpackham » Fri Oct 17, 2014 7:47 pm

The main idea is to affect the real world by playing the game. First the player would need to learn about the needs of the people in the scenario they are playing. Then, by researching various real aid organizations, the player could identify a course of action. Friends could get other friends involved in their scenario. The final goal would be to equip the players to go out in the real world to help others in need.

Fund raising only came into the picture because it is an easy way to be invested in a problem that is far away (eg in a different country).

The foodforce2 game is really great - much like what I was imagining, but it is aimed at elementary school kids, and without much of the education aspect. Perhaps it would be a good starting point.

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