But first, a word from our sponsor

Discussions around receiving conferences and broadcasts for the meetinghouse via Internet.
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But first, a word from our sponsor

Postby lajackson » Sun Jul 24, 2016 7:16 pm

A delightful evening. Because of the lateness of the Saturday hour in our time zone, it was felt better to assemble this evening to watch the wonderful Tabernacle Choir Pioneer Day Concert.

Not yet having adequate Internet service at the meetinghouse, I used a different provider to feed the laptop. At the appointed hour, I hit the link at LDS.org and, for the first time in my life, presented a full screen commercial advertisement to the congregation in the chapel before the broadcast began.

We were fortunate that the advertisement presented was not objectionable and was fairly benign, other than that we have taught our members not to shop on the Sabbath and that the Choir would not have approved of the sponsor. I can think of a few advertisements, however, that would have frosted the members and mortally embarrassed some of our more senior citizens had they run.

I wish that the premiere home website for the Church would take me to a Church server to present Church broadcasts, rather than decide to throw me to the YouTube wolves and the inappropriate options along the side for follow on broadcasts. If I hadn't been so surprised and busy putting the laptop into full-screen mode to get rid of the junk on the side, I might have been able to react quickly enough to snuff out the advertisement.

Other than that, the concert was absolutely wonderful.

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