How to stream General Conference to TV

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How to stream General Conference to TV

Postby moonman239 » Sun Mar 29, 2015 6:15 pm

This thread is supposed to be kind of a resource for those who can only get Conference via a computer or mobile device.

I'm an Apple guy, so I can only help with use of Apple technologies. However, if you'd like help with streaming Conference using any technology, please feel free to post a question. Please be aware that since we are using devices not manufactured by the Church or under its supervision, someone may direct you to a third-party Website for help with using a specific device - such as the manufacturer's support site, or a Website for users of said device.

Having said that, here's my contribution:

Direct connection to HDTV
You will need:
-A Mini DisplayPort-to-DVI adapter, a Mini DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter, or a Mini DisplayPort-to-VGA adapter.

Follow the instructions outlined in this article to get your Mac screen up on the TV: ... 41001.html

After you have all that setup, go to and follow the same steps you would follow if you wanted to watch Conference on your computer screen.

Wirelessly (via AirPlay Mirroring):
You will need:
An Apple TV (2nd generation or higher). If you're not very big on streaming TV, you probably won't care too much about having the latest and greatest, so if you want to own an Apple TV, just buy a used 2nd-generation Apple TV. You'll save a few dollars

-Connect the Apple TV to your wireless network, if it is not already connected. If you have not even set up the Apple TV, the Apple TV will give you the chance to do so before it presents its main menu. If you did set up the Apple TV, you can make the APple TV connect to the network by selecting "Settings" in the main menu, then selecting "General", then selecting "Networking", then proceeding through the self-explanatory steps to joining a WiFi network.
-Turn on AirPlay, if it's not on already. To do this, follow the steps in this article:
-On your computer, if it and the Apple TV are connected to the same network, you should see a rectangle with a triangle running through it on the top-right corner of the screen, somewhere to the left of the WiFi icon, the battery status icon, and the clock. Click that, then select your Apple TV in the menu that pops up. In that same menu, click on Mirror Built-in Display (under Use AirPlay Display To).

On iOS:
1) Download the BYUTV app from the App Store.
iOS6 and under:
2) Double-tap the home button. Swipe left until you see the music controls. Skip to step 4)
iOS7 and up:
3) Swipe up from the bottom center of the screen.
4) Select the AirPlay button. iOS6 and under, that's a rectangle with a triangle touching it. iOS7 and up, it's labeled as AirPlay.
5) Select the Apple TV.
6) Tap the "AirPlay Mirroring" toggle to turn mirroring on.

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