General Conference via a Roku + EJ-8 or 10 setup

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General Conference via a Roku + EJ-8 or 10 setup

Postby rich » Tue Sep 23, 2014 11:36 am

Attached is a backup Roku arrangement for General Conference, in case satellite reception is dodgy (i.e. pixelation). WiFi or ethernet Roku setups would be the same...

Answering other common questions I saw on 2 different threads:
* HDMI TV or HDMI projector or HDMI adapters will work
* >4Mbps stable net access is best
* Disabling WiFi is best, using Roku ethernet pucks (as recommended on other threads)
* Roku pucks have a (simultaneous) 3.5mm aux audio port as well as the primary HDMI connector
--> Newer Roku 3 have an aux audio port built into the remote as well as the puck, this could help when video projection equipment isn't near an XLR port for a chapel audio system
--> Most know this, EJ-8 or EJ-10 (crab boxes) will convert from 3.5mm aux audio to XLR connection

Hope this helps those that prefer to watch sessions at a meetinghouse...
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