Camera work at YSA Fireside

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Camera work at YSA Fireside

Postby CalS201 » Thu Sep 28, 2017 1:11 pm

Just saw this picture
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showing the camera positions for the YSA Fireside at Taylorville Institute where Elder Ballard spoke on Sept 17, 2017. Three cameras - left, center, and right (hanging by the door) - just above the audience. It reminded me of our stake's first few experiences of webcasting.

When our stake first started webcasting we had one PTZ camera. We used the camera's builtin presets for shots of the pulpit-wide, pulpit-close, chorister, choir, etc. However, the "live" camera movement was a big distraction to the members, especially when we tried to finetune a shot "live" (for example when a really tall/short person comes to the pulpit). It also didn't help that the camera was mounted really high. So we watched a few sessions of general conference to see how the "pro's" did it. They would switch views (with no fancy dissolve patterns) from left to center to right every 2-3 minutes during a talk, and switch to a wide view between talks. Rarely would they move the camera "live" during talks. They chose low camera angles to help it seem like the the speaker was talking directly to "you".

Following this example has helped keep our members focus on the speaker's message instead of the presentation.

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