Side-by-side dual language scripture display app

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Side-by-side dual language scripture display app

Postby cheerioboy » Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:27 pm

In our stake, we have a sizable Spanish-language population, plus Lao-speakers, a growing population of Congolese Swahili, and Haitian French. As stake clerk, I observe with great care our translators their work, and our tech clerk has done a bang-up job assembling excellent equipment for the task. I've been trying to make sure, following a suggestion from one of our translators, that there's a translation assistant to look up scriptures so the translator isn't slowed by having to look them up his or herself.

Up to this time, two sets of scriptures have been required. I thought that this would be a perfect application of current technology to display two languages side-by-side of LDS scriptures, with synchronized scrolling. An ability to quickly bookmark referenced scriptures would be very helpful when we can get advanced copies of the talks (not always possible) so the translator and assistant can quickly move from one scripture to the next. Unfortunately, the current Gospel Library implementation, wonderful as it is, is slow to randomly go from one scripture to another, thought with enough advance time, a notebook entry can help by having the referenced scriptures tagged in it.

Has this idea been thought of or brought up before? I did a look for keywords, and little showed up, so I'm starting this thread. Feel free to move it elsewhere if this isn't the correct thread for it, even though, for us, it's about conferences.

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Re: Side-by-side dual language scripture display app

Postby carsonm » Tue Feb 28, 2017 8:17 pm

You may want to check out the Gospel Library Beta (testing) App for Windows 10 ... zdncrdfdcd as you can open up multiple Windows and tabs and bookmark scriptures.

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