Davis County Conf. - Apr27 Performance Feedback

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Davis County Conf. - Apr27 Performance Feedback

Postby Reynolds88 » Mon May 05, 2014 6:38 pm

I am responsible for 3 buildings in my stake. Two are satellite capable and one is not. The 2 with satellite were great other than about 10 seconds of no audio at the beginning of the meeting. Did others get this? I'm thinking the podium microphone didn't get turned on or connected to the video feed?

Web Setup: The 3rd building was hardwired to the internet. All other uses of internet were disabled (including all WIFI) to give the full bandwidth in the building to the broadcast. I used an i3 laptop with 4GB RAM to stream the feed directly to the projector and to the building audio system. The week prior, I had upgraded everything to the latest software versions and all Microsoft security patches.

Results: Prior to the meeting starting, I received a continuous and seamless stream of the test feed of the temple grounds. At about 10 minutes to the hour, I refreshed the connection and a yellow box in the bottom right showed "live" feed. From this point in about 3-10 minutes intervals I would get a hang in both the audio and video. Sometimes it would pause for about 5-7 seconds and then continue from where it paused. About 1 in 10 times, it would pause for more than 10 seconds and not return. I would then refresh the feed and we would miss about 1-2 minutes of a talk depending upon how far behind it was in the buffer from previous pauses.

After some mild panic, I went to my backup plan. I had a second laptop which I connected via a cell phone 4G hot-spot. Again at about the 5 minute mark, this setup too began to display the audio/video hangs. This was a completely different network path and PC. I decided to return to my original setup.

At about the 1 hour mark (when Sister Anderson was beginning to speak), I refreshed a hang and everything suddenly ran smooth for the remainder of the meeting. Not a single pause from that point on.

The Question: So I find myself asking; what changed?!! I was back to my original setup. Everything on my end was the same. Did something in the feed from SLC change? Were fewer people hitting the servers? Was there something on my ISP network that changed? Did divine intervention make it possible that we could listen to Elder Anderson without distraction?

Did anyone else experience this or similar issues? I ask because I need to determine if my local ISP is the issue or was this a widely experienced problem? Thanks.

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Re: Davis County Conf. - Apr27 Performance Feedback

Postby Mikerowaved » Mon May 05, 2014 9:47 pm

Reynolds88 wrote:...other than about 10 seconds of no audio at the beginning of the meeting. Did others get this? I'm thinking the podium microphone didn't get turned on or connected to the video feed?

I observed this too and had a mild panic until it suddenly popped back on. I also watched the 1pm MDT satellite re-broadcast and saw the opening audio was fixed, so one can only speculate as to what really happened. :)

Sorry, I can't comment on the Internet stream, as our SP invited the stake membership watch either the 10am or 1pm satellite broadcasts at the stake center.
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