Lexmark Scanner/Printer MX611dhe--Display Keyboard problems

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Lexmark Scanner/Printer MX611dhe--Display Keyboard problems

Postby bookwalk » Sat Jun 17, 2017 1:01 pm

Have any of you received these for your FHC?

This replaces the X466de, which has worked perfectly and is quiet also. I realize they are going out of warranty and it seems rather than deal with warranty repairs, they are just replacing these for everyone with these monochrome printers.

We had a major problem and are having to return the MX611dhe (was really noisy too). Lexmark hardware specialists say that the problem with the Display keyboard (where we type in the username and password for scanning to FamilySearch (which we are using a lot lately) not responding to key touch (have to use fingernails and that isn't always reliable--MEN can't do it unless they have longer nails!)--the problem is inherent to this model and a known issue, so we just can't use a scanner that won't allow us to "Scan to FamilySearch" or type in file names when we scan to USB. So we uninstalled it and put back our 466 as we can't be without a functioning scanner/printer.

Anyone have this issue and what might be a solution? Lexmark suggests another model with larger display (the keyboard shrunk from the x466de.

We notified our FM group, Lexmark and the others in Lexmark and FamilySearch who oversee sending these out to FHC's as replacement units.

Thanks, Pat :roll:

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