FHC LexMark Printers - New Registration Process

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FHC LexMark Printers - New Registration Process

Postby pete.arnett » Sun May 26, 2013 2:32 pm

Draft Process As of 25May2013

Attached below is the new process that is a supplement to the "Lexmark Site Install Sheet". This process will soon be required to register a new LexMark printer or to update the headquarter's LexMark printer information, such as an IP address change

LexMark printers should be powered on at all times so that scanning of LexMark printers can take place after hours and weekends (etc.)

Stake Technology Specialists (STS):
The following steps are for a Stake Technology Specialists (STS) or the person who provides technical support to setup a LexMark printer and to obtain information needed to register a LexMark printer

Static IP Address:
LexMark printers should be set with a static IP address within the static IP address range for the meetinghouse. A valid IP address will start with “10.” and Lexmark printers should be networked (hard cabled)

You can use TM.lds.org to find the static IP address range for a meetinghouse. Technology Manager (TM) is a web based tool that is available to Stake Clerks and Stake Technology Specialists (STS)

Note: TM tool does not show which static IP address that are in use (e.g., Honeywell Webstat HVAC Controller). You can Ping the static IP address or use a network scanning tool such as Network Scanner by SoftPerfect (free), after you have turned on all devices that use the network in the meetinghouse. Suggest you include a list of static IP addresses that are in use with your network documentation

Printer Serial Number:
The LexMark printer serial number is located on the inside of the front panel. It is 7 digits. The model E460 will start with “72H” and the model X466 will start with “35P”. You can also obtain the serial number from the menu screen or browse to the printer, under “Reports”, then “Device Statistics” (scroll down)

Need Help:

LDS IT Support: 1-866-678-2763
LDS FHC FamilySearch Support: 1-866-225-3113

Family History Center Services

It is important that you register the printer for warranty and services. To do this, please go the following web site

Upon completion and submittal of the form an email will be sent to the center’s LDSMail.net account, to Sandra Friedman with Lexmark, and will create a case in our system. You will be asked for the following information

· Center unit number

· Model of the Lexmark printer

· Printer serial number

· IP address for the printer

· Name of person who did the install

· Any comments about the installation of the printer

Family History Center Services

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