Error during FHC Installation (Thinkcentre/Lenovo)

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Error during FHC Installation (Thinkcentre/Lenovo)

Postby sammythesm » Sat Dec 15, 2012 8:19 am

Cross posting this from the FamilySearch Forum. Probably more eyes looking here that have dealt with this issue:

First, I want to say that the new Lenovo Thinkcentre M92z computers are really awesome. We received all new computers, and these all-in-ones sure do make our family history center look clean, fancy and new. Just the amount of cords I was able to rip out was awesome. Really, we're just down to 1 power cord and an ethernet cable.

I had one issue with one of the computers. During the initial installation, I hit an error. I didn't note down the file it said was missing or corrupted, but it was at the root of C:\. When the computer rebooted, it booted into Windows, but it was missing several drivers including all the network drivers. The windows deployment dialogue then did not start. I manually installed some network drivers off of Lenovo's site, but the Windows Deployment dialogue never came up.

I was able to install stuff manually off of the software portal for FHC, but it still feels like the computer policies on this computer are different than the others. (i.e. I dont' have to ctrl-alt-del to log in when the computer logs in, and the administrator password was not the standard when I went to change it).

The discs that came with the computers say they are Windows 8 recovery. There are 2 discs. I thought, what could I lose, so I tried to install, but it would not boot from disc 1. At that point I gave up and thought I'd ask for help.

Is there a boostrap image I can download to get this computer to reimage from scratch? Or do I just need to keep trying to customize the computer to the point it matches the others?

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Re: Error during FHC Installation (Thinkcentre/Lenovo)

Postby russellhltn » Sat Dec 15, 2012 11:08 am

I'd think you best bet is to contact FHC Support and ask for a set of disks to re-Image the computer.

The failure to boot from disk is likely a CMOS setting. I frequently turn those off to prevent any kind of boot sector virus or having people mess with the machines.
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Re: Error during FHC Installation (Thinkcentre/Lenovo)

Postby johnshaw » Mon Dec 17, 2012 6:52 am

Log into the Family Search support site and access Help. In there find the Hardware and Software order form. In it there is a request for the Windows 7 Image disk. Then be prepared for the Family Search department to send the disk to the Director rather than the Address you ask them to send it to even with the Stake President's signature. If they send it at all. Keep calling and calling. Also, if you call the FHC people, be prepared to spend some hours with service missionaries who are trying to solve your problem. They will want to spend hours doing the same things you already did, but since you can't generally get around them, you'll end up doing it all again. I've almost given up supporting FHC's entirely...

The Lenovo shipped to a new FHC in our stake was sent by our FMG to a ward, had MLS installed and was working as a Ward Clerk computer for months before I was able to track it down. Because it had MLS on it I was required to wipe the computer before putting it into the FHC, and it took months to get the DVD, I wish you well in your efforts.
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