Autocomplete Stake and Ward fields for indexing sign up using an account.

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Autocomplete Stake and Ward fields for indexing sign up using an account.

Postby jamesarnellgale » Sun Oct 30, 2011 7:48 pm

Recently our ward started some indexing goals. Lots of our members have signed up and are contributing. One common problem is the "Ward" field on the "Additional Indexing Information" section of the "My Info" page. With no pull-down menu to select a ward from, many variations of a description of our ward have been created this makes keeping a tally of the number of indexed records on a ward level a mess.

Our current hypothetical remedies have included having the administrator consolidate the variations but think of the wasted time and effort! Every time a member signs up the list has to be checked and consolidated again. And getting each member to follow detailed instructions with a case sensitive verbatim ward string is likewise a "less effective" approach.

Would it not be better to just have the current ward and stake information auto-completed for an indexer's sign up when the individual uses and account? If this information is attached then there must be some way to make this happen. And a retroactive implementation would help organize those that have already signed up.

This way wards would streamline the process of signing up for indexing and tracking indexing counts with no cumbersome administration of choosing something as simple as a consistant ward and stake name.

Thanks for checking out my idea!

- James

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