Highlights and Notes don't work in Chapter Summaries

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Highlights and Notes don't work in Chapter Summaries

Postby kthcls1976 » Thu May 21, 2015 2:19 pm

I'm unable to make any highlights or notes in any of the Chapter Summaries. Any ideas on this?

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Re: Highlights and Notes don't work in Chapter Summaries

Postby johnshaw » Thu May 21, 2015 2:26 pm

I believe this is an issue with the content and not with GL. You can test your issue by logging into the same place online with a web browser, making sure you are in study mode, and see if the highlight works there.

I just tried with several chapter headings in the scriptures and I could not highlight the chapter titles.
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Re: Highlights and Notes don't work in Chapter Summaries

Postby sbradshaw » Thu May 21, 2015 3:34 pm

Content has to be specially prepared and formatted to allow highlighting and notes. For example, here is the behind-the-scenes code for 1 Nephi 3:7 in English, on LDS.org, that allows it to be highlighted:

Code: Select all

<p class="highlight chunked" uri="/scriptures/bofm/1-ne/3.7" id="para6">
<a class="bookmark-anchor dontHighlight" name="7">&nbsp;</a>
<span class="verse">
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60000" paranum="6" node="60000" wrapper="0">7&nbsp;</span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60001" paranum="6" node="60001" wrapper="1">And </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60002" paranum="6" node="60002" wrapper="2">it </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60003" paranum="6" node="60003" wrapper="3">came </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60004" paranum="6" node="60004" wrapper="4">to </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60005" paranum="6" node="60005" wrapper="5">pass </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60006" paranum="6" node="60006" wrapper="6">that </span>
<span class="chunk hl-yellow 13876080672453470891" id="chunk60007" paranum="6" node="60007" wrapper="7">I, </span>
<span class="chunk hl-yellow 13876080672453470891" id="chunk60008" paranum="6" node="60008" wrapper="8">Nephi, </span>
<span class="chunk hl-yellow 13876080672453470891" id="chunk60009" paranum="6" node="60009" wrapper="9">said </span>
<span class="chunk hl-yellow 13876080672453470891" id="chunk60010" paranum="6" node="60010" wrapper="10">unto </span>
<span class="chunk hl-yellow 13876080672453470891" id="chunk60011" paranum="6" node="60011" wrapper="11">my </span>
<span class="chunk hl-yellow 13876080672453470891" id="chunk60012" paranum="6" node="60012" wrapper="12">father: </span>
<span class="chunk hl-yellow 13876080672453470891" id="chunk60013" paranum="6" node="60013" wrapper="13">I </span>
<sup class="studyNoteMarker">
<span class="chunk hl-yellow 13876080672453470891" id="chunk60014" paranum="6" node="60014" wrapper="14">a</span>
<a class="footnote" href="#7a" rel="https://www.lds.org/scriptures/footnote?lang=eng&amp;volumeUri=bofm&amp;bookUri=1-ne&amp;chapterUri=3&amp;noteID=7a" id="footnote7">
<span class="chunk hl-yellow 13876080672453470891" id="chunk60015" paranum="6" node="60015" wrapper="15">will</span>
<span class="chunk hl-yellow 13876080672453470891" id="chunk60016" paranum="6" node="60016" wrapper="16"> go </span>
<span class="chunk hl-yellow 13876080672453470891" id="chunk60017" paranum="6" node="60017" wrapper="17">and </span>
<span class="chunk hl-yellow 13876080672453470891" id="chunk60018" paranum="6" node="60018" wrapper="18">do </span>
<span class="chunk hl-yellow 13876080672453470891" id="chunk60019" paranum="6" node="60019" wrapper="19">the </span>
<span class="chunk hl-yellow 13876080672453470891" id="chunk60020" paranum="6" node="60020" wrapper="20">things </span>
<span class="chunk hl-yellow 13876080672453470891" id="chunk60021" paranum="6" node="60021" wrapper="21">which </span>
<span class="chunk hl-yellow 13876080672453470891" id="chunk60022" paranum="6" node="60022" wrapper="22">the </span>
<span class="chunk hl-yellow 13876080672453470891" id="chunk60023" paranum="6" node="60023" wrapper="23">Lord </span>
<span class="chunk hl-yellow 13876080672453470891" id="chunk60024" paranum="6" node="60024" wrapper="24">hath </span>
<span class="chunk hl-yellow 13876080672453470891" id="chunk60025" paranum="6" node="60025" wrapper="25">commanded, </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60026" paranum="6" node="60026" wrapper="26">for </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60027" paranum="6" node="60027" wrapper="27">I </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60028" paranum="6" node="60028" wrapper="28">know </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60029" paranum="6" node="60029" wrapper="29">that </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60030" paranum="6" node="60030" wrapper="30">the </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60031" paranum="6" node="60031" wrapper="31">Lord </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60032" paranum="6" node="60032" wrapper="32">giveth </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60033" paranum="6" node="60033" wrapper="33">no </span>
<sup class="studyNoteMarker">
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60034" paranum="6" node="60034" wrapper="34">b</span>
<a class="footnote" href="#7b" rel="https://www.lds.org/scriptures/footnote?lang=eng&amp;volumeUri=bofm&amp;bookUri=1-ne&amp;chapterUri=3&amp;noteID=7b" id="footnote8">
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60035" paranum="6" node="60035" wrapper="35">commandments</span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60036" paranum="6" node="60036" wrapper="36"> unto </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60037" paranum="6" node="60037" wrapper="37">the </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60038" paranum="6" node="60038" wrapper="38">children </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60039" paranum="6" node="60039" wrapper="39">of </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60040" paranum="6" node="60040" wrapper="40">men, </span>
<span class="chunk hl-red 90089536775538562590" id="chunk60041" paranum="6" node="60041" wrapper="41">save </span>
<span class="chunk hl-red 90089536775538562590" id="chunk60042" paranum="6" node="60042" wrapper="42">he </span>
<span class="chunk hl-red 90089536775538562590" id="chunk60043" paranum="6" node="60043" wrapper="43">shall </span>
<sup class="studyNoteMarker">
<span class="chunk hl-red 90089536775538562590" id="chunk60044" paranum="6" node="60044" wrapper="44">c</span>
<a class="footnote" href="#7c" rel="https://www.lds.org/scriptures/footnote?lang=eng&amp;volumeUri=bofm&amp;bookUri=1-ne&amp;chapterUri=3&amp;noteID=7c" id="footnote9">
<span class="chunk hl-red 90089536775538562590" id="chunk60045" paranum="6" node="60045" wrapper="45">prepare</span>
<span class="chunk hl-red 90089536775538562590" id="chunk60046" paranum="6" node="60046" wrapper="46"> a </span>
<span class="chunk hl-red 90089536775538562590" id="chunk60047" paranum="6" node="60047" wrapper="47">way </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60048" paranum="6" node="60048" wrapper="48">for </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60049" paranum="6" node="60049" wrapper="49">them </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60050" paranum="6" node="60050" wrapper="50">that </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60051" paranum="6" node="60051" wrapper="51">they </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60052" paranum="6" node="60052" wrapper="52">may </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60053" paranum="6" node="60053" wrapper="53">accomplish </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60054" paranum="6" node="60054" wrapper="54">the </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60055" paranum="6" node="60055" wrapper="55">thing </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60056" paranum="6" node="60056" wrapper="56">which </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60057" paranum="6" node="60057" wrapper="57">he </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60058" paranum="6" node="60058" wrapper="58">commandeth </span>
<span class="chunk" id="chunk60059" paranum="6" node="60059" wrapper="59">them.</span>

The chapter summaries aren't set up with all the HTML formatting yet. Bonus points if you can pick out the phrases I've highlighted in 1 Nephi 3:7.
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Re: Highlights and Notes don't work in Chapter Summaries

Postby ToManyLetters » Thu May 21, 2015 5:41 pm

I'm unable to make any highlights or notes in any of the Chapter Summaries. Any ideas on this?

This is a problem with the content, as mentioned by both johnshaw and sbradshaw. There isn't anything we can do in the app to remedy the issue.
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