syncing btwn android GL app and windows app not working well

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syncing btwn android GL app and windows app not working well

Postby sunondashoulder » Fri Apr 03, 2015 6:35 am

I have been using the Gospel Library app on my android devices for quite some time. When I purchased a new laptop, I wanted to use the Gospel Library app for windows as well. I am having difficulty accessing most of my content that I have saved from the Android app:
1. Though my tag names show up, I cannot access any of the scriptures that have been tagged. (note this is also a problem in the web-based version as well)
2. I try to click on the journals and notebooks icons, but it pushes me back to home screen.
3. my notes that are attached to scriptures are not always showing up when i go to the scripture in the windows app

Right now I feel stuck using my android if I want continuity in my studying.

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Re: syncing btwn android GL app and windows app not working

Postby ToManyLetters » Fri Apr 03, 2015 7:39 am


It appears not that the syncing isn't working, but that you appear to be using Gospel Library Beta with the Preview Features toggle turned on. Preview Features allows you to see the features that are currently being worked on. Typically, these features are in a very incomplete state: they're there to get a glimpse and little more. Both of the issues you're experiencing in (1) and (2) are results of attempting to use the not-yet-complete Notebooking features in Gospel Library for Windows Beta. To access only completed features, you'll want to leave the Preview Features toggle in the "off" position or download the non-beta version of the app with the link below: ... 969358064f

As for (3), do you have specific examples of this occurring? You should also send a copy of your annotations file to the Gospel Library support email with instances of the notes appearing in Android, but not in Windows, so that this issue can be looked at by the developer in charge of the annotations for the app to see if there is something squirrelly going on. You should be able to locate a file called "annotations.sqlite" at the location on your computer below:

C:\Users\{YOUR USERNAME}\AppData\Local\Packages\TheChurchofJesusChristofL.GospelLibraryBeta_ae8bh92e13w8t\LocalState
Learn more about Gospel Library for Windows 10 Beta at the link below:

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