Audio Scriptures Played from Google Home

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Audio Scriptures Played from Google Home

Postby brettbristow22 » Sat Feb 18, 2017 12:04 am

With the recent launch of the Google Home voice activated speaker it and Amazon's Echo with Alexa have become very popular. Once wish that I have for these devices is to have it read the scriptures to me. Currently this is not available on the Google Home but only has abilities to pull up a scripture of the day from a bible services. The Bible App is currently supported on the Echo and offers the exact functionality I hope to have through the Google Home from the Gospel Library one day. Here is a link to their application. I am not sure of the amount of work this would take but I know that many that use the Google Home, especially those this accessibility needs would greatly benefit from this being an option.

I would love to know what everyone else things and what the possibilities would be.

Thank you!

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