Old sacrament meeting presentation outlines

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Old sacrament meeting presentation outlines

Postby sbradshaw » Thu Jun 30, 2016 11:21 pm

Are there any members here with a meetinghouse library that hasn't been cleaned out in a while? I'm indexing all of the Children's Sacrament Meeting Presentations as a resource for Primary leaders at my web site – I made it all the way back to 1969, which I think was the first presentation, but I'm missing some info for 4 years:
  • 2001 (Follow the Prophet)
  • 2000 (I Will Make and Keep My Baptismal Covenant)
  • 1999 (Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ)
  • 1995 (We Believe the Articles of Faith).
I've tried the Meetinghouse Librarians and Primary Choristers Facebook groups, without much success. Any ideas?
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