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Prison Ministries Database

Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 5:29 pm
by cjhwsl
I have recently been called to serve in a prison ministries branch in Arizona. The prison ministries branches are set up to write letters to prisoners (member and non member), Home Teach prisoners (member and non member), and teach lessons weekly in the prison facility.

Because the branch is unique, the church database is not helpful. We need the ability to track prisoners (mostly non members). We need to have a way to assign church members to their prisoners. We need to be able to track prisoner visits, letters sent to prisoners and letters returned from prisoners, attendance at classes held in the prison. We will need to create custom reports to display data and action lists unique to the prison ministry.

Are there any plans for a web based interfaced database to support prison ministries?
If we could develop some portions of the database and interface, can we store the data behind the church security so church account login required?
We will need to query some outside sources of data to determine if a prisoner is still in the facilities we are responsible for, is that a problem?

John Woll
Queen creek Az