Opening Newsletter Attachments Sometimes Gives 404

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Opening Newsletter Attachments Sometimes Gives 404

Postby mevans » Sun Oct 04, 2015 10:10 pm

My wife and I were reviewing some newsletter content prior to an upcoming meeting next week where members will be told that detailed information regarding the subject is available on the Ward Newsletter--it's really the best way to make this information available. I found some very strange behavior when trying to open attachments (all of them are PDFs). Sometimes when opening an attachment, I get a 404 NOT FOUND error, but I can try to open the same attachment again and it works. I'm not sure what to think about an intermittent failure. I don't think it's a timeout problem, as the 404 comes up instantly when it appears.

Any ideas? Has anyone else seen this? I thought I'd seen a conversation about this recently, but it looks like that had to do with adding and deleting attachments, not downloading them.

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