Jumping page when editing phone/email

Beta testing of the Local Unit Directory Application
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Jumping page when editing phone/email

Postby mevans » Fri Jan 11, 2013 6:28 pm

The overall directory height is tool tall for my monitor (or browser window size). Therefore I have a vertical scroll bar to be able to see all of the directory page.

Choose to Edit a household with several children. It's easiest if your test household doesn't have any email or phone numbers for the children.

To see the bottom child, I have to scroll through the family, but I must also scroll the directory in the browser such that the LDS church banner has scrolled off the top.

Now click on "Add an email" or "Add a phone number".

Observe that when you click the directory within the browser window resets the scroll position back to the top so that you can now see the LDS church banner at the top again.

Now I must scroll down again to get back to the family member whose information I was trying to edit. I find this very disorienting. The window scroll position shouldn't jump when I click on something in the window.

(I tried FF Win and Chrome Win and it does this; I'm guessing all browsers do so I didn't try more.)

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