creating event when choosing Facilites wrong needs error

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creating event when choosing Facilites wrong needs error

Postby kisaac » Fri Sep 26, 2014 9:53 pm

Creating an event and choosing facilities incorrectly should result in an error message until you make a correct choice.
For example, if you choose "LDS Facility" (second option under "where") obviously you want it at an LDS facility, and you need to choose which facility you can schedule from a drop-down box. If you do not choose from that drop-down, and then save, your event is saved, but the system defaults to "no facility," the first option, as you see when you recall the event.

This is not what you wanted, or you would have chosen that option, "no facility." The calendar should give you an error message forcing you to find and then select a facility, or explain that you should select another choice, and not make the choice for you.

The same happens if you choose the third option, "other Facility." If you do not type in anything in the text box offered, the system saves the event, but again defaults to "no facility." Again, not what you intended or you would have chosen that option. An error message should instruct the editor to enter a non-LDS facility in that box so calendar uses will know where the event is happening.

Tool tips on mouse-over that explain all this could greatly help users...

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