Assign Following Year Curriculum: by the Stake

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Assign Following Year Curriculum: by the Stake

Postby billgis » Thu Nov 13, 2014 3:59 pm

I was wondering if there if LDS Tech is continuing work on allowing the Stake to Assign the lessons. I was trying to think through the logic, if the tool could be added to be seen/accessed by Stake executive sect, clerk or Stake Sunday school, up to 2 months prior to the year - the stake would push out what lessons - it would like assigned and when. Push it out to all or some of the wards. Then allow the wards to add/edit or synch back to the Stakes 'administrative' lesson schedule. For the most part we are pretty uniform across our stake for our lessons, in RS/Melchizedek priesthood, the youth Come Follow me themes, and adult Sunday School lessons. If a stake chooses not to assign the lessons, the wards would gain access at 2 weeks automatically or when the Stake releases it, before the upcoming year to input the lessons themselves. Thank you.

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Re: Assign Following Year Curriculum: by the Stake

Postby russellhltn » Thu Nov 13, 2014 4:24 pm

That's not an area that LDSTech works in (LDSTech being primarily members, not church employees).

So far, I've not heard any word on when stake functionally will come to the Lesson Schedules.
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