Youth Curriculum Printing Problems

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Youth Curriculum Printing Problems

Postby mevans » Thu Feb 06, 2014 10:53 pm

I'm starting a new topic of jongrover's post, as this is a different problem than the thread where the comment was posted.
jongrover wrote:I have problems with Lessons printing out in the wrong. The dates I marked as "No Class" still have a topic listed and where June 1st should be reads "1 May". I should specify that I am a Young Men's President so I dealing with the youth curriculum. Anyone have ideas on how to fix this printer problem?

I can duplicate this. I played around a bit with the youth curriculum on the lesson schedules and found a few problems. It was quite simple to duplicate the problem described above:

  • Add a new class (Choose Aaronic Priesthood and the Come Follow Me manual) and press Save.
  • Click on View Year for the newly-created class. Observe that it automatically filled out all the monthly topics for you (BTW, this is new from when I set up things earlier this year). Observe that June 1 shows the correct topic for June.
  • Click on Print (I selected the PDF option).
  • Open the PDF. Observe that the lesson for June 1 is "May: Prophets and Revelation". This is incorrect.

If I choose a sub-topic for June 1 and print, it works correctly. The problem only occurs if you leave the monthly topics.

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