How do YOU handle the Teachings for our Times lessons?

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How do YOU handle the Teachings for our Times lessons?

Postby kisaac » Fri Jan 03, 2014 7:23 am

Lacking a "best" solution for lessons directed by the stake or ward leadership:
How do other units handle the Teachings for our Times lessons and 5th Sunday topics? To be most beneficial for me, who miss many sundays due to work, I can't study a topic I don't have for an upcoming lesson or one I miss, like conference talk links. There is a potential for three (RS, EQ, HP) or more lesson schedules with generally the same topic decided by the stake or ward for both 5th Sundays and TFOT, representing around 16 lesson days for the year.

What has your unit decided to do?
    1) Do nothing, or just list the day as a TFOT lesson with no topic ever entered
    2) Provide the topic / subject to the organization, and ask each organization editor to enter the topic individually
    3) Have a ward admin (bishopric, ward website admin, etc) enter the topic on each org's lesson schedule
    4) Take the crazy course and have an admin enter them as an event (losing some functionality such as links and instructor assignment)

Afterthought added later:
5) Specify the ward or stake directed lessons on a ward or stake calendar?

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Re: How do YOU handle the Teachings for our Times lessons?

Postby mevans » Fri Jan 03, 2014 8:02 am

All our 4th Sunday lessons are inserted as a lesson with an https link to the conference talk we'll be discussing. I'm an assistant ward clerk and I put them in for Relief Society and Priesthood, so I guess we do Option 3.

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