Gospel Doctrine Manuals

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Gospel Doctrine Manuals

Postby jmillerb » Sat Sep 21, 2013 12:27 pm

The entire ward can see the lesson schedule, which I think is a very powerful tool. As a Sunday School president, I can encourage the members of my ward to go online and look at the schedule to see what is being taught the upcoming week so that they can better prepare themselves for the lesson. However, the only link that can be posted on the standard classes (like Gospel Doctrine) is the teacher's manual. Can a future update allow me to do any of the following?

a) Have both the teacher's manual and the student manual listed as the course manuals

b) Have the option to make the course manual the student manual (my teacher's already have the teacher manual - that link doesn't really do them much good

c) Have the option to include note from either myself of the teacher on specific things to read to prepare for the class

Having this would expand the scope of this already powerful tool from just a coordination between teachers and leaders to a coordination between teachers and their students.

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Re: Gospel Doctrine Manuals

Postby mevans » Sun Sep 22, 2013 9:27 pm

Your questions "a" and "b" have been discussed on other posts. We don't know if the church will ever do this. We can hope.

I don't recollect "c" being discussed and it's an interesting idea.

We're just a community of users helping each other. Sometimes church employees lurk and see what's going on. To make sure your requests are received, please use the Feedback link found at the bottom right of many pages. That's the official avenue for making such request.

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