Can´t do anything with the lesson Schedules

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Can´t do anything with the lesson Schedules

Postby tanea040507 » Thu Jun 06, 2013 9:57 am

hello, i have a big problem. i am 1. counsler in relief society in my ward. At the beginnig of the year i made the whole lesson schedule. Every class and every theacher was selected and saved. Now everything is missing and I cannot edit/create anything. It maybe that stake created general-, stake-, wardconference after me. But I need to create then my classes now new. Every time I try to see, create or edit I see the following words: Some lessons may be missing due to newly created events. Insert missing lessons. What else am I missing? :mad:

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Re: Can´t do anything with the lesson Schedules

Postby mevans » Thu Jun 06, 2013 1:44 pm

I'm trying to follow what you did. Is the Relief Society still there, but the lessons are missing from the "View Year" schedule? Or was the Relief Society class missing and you had to re-create Relief Society?

If all your data is missing, I'd suggest just deleting the Relief Society class and starting over by creating a new Relief Society class. That will auto-flow all the Lorenzo Snow lessons in the correct places. Typically with the RS and Priesthood lessons, if you have a conflicting event on a 2nd or 3rd Sunday, you just skip the lesson on that day. This won't magically make any lessons you set up for the 1st, 3rd, or 5th Sundays reappear. You have to enter those manually.

If you choose "Insert Lessons" it's going to bump everything forward, which you probably don't want. I suggest you just ignore the message that concerns you. Even when I just created a new class, it showed that message. Even after choosing the option, it still showed the message.

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Re: Can´t do anything with the lesson Schedules

Postby kkanalu » Mon Sep 09, 2013 1:09 pm

Hi, I'm the ward website administrator. I just deleted the Relief Society as suggested, and then started fresh to be able to put in classes and all I get is that message about insert missing lessons and nothing happens. What else do I need to do???????????

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Re: Can´t do anything with the lesson Schedules

Postby jdlessley » Mon Sep 09, 2013 5:21 pm

kkanalu wrote:... all I get is that message about insert missing lessons and nothing happens.

Are you referring to the line of text that says, "Some lessons may be missing due to newly created events. Insert missing lessons"? If so, that is not a message. Rather the first sentence is a statement of the condition of the lessons scheduled for the class when an event is added after the class is created.

The text following that statement, "Insert missing lessons", is a hyperlink that, when clicked, restores missing lessons replaced by the newly added event(s). When you create the class after adding all events for the year you will not need to use the hyperlink. That hyperlink is only needed when an event is added after a class is created. It is used to postpone a lesson rather than have the lesson replaced by an event. When a lesson is postponed, then all subsequent lessons need to be moved to re-establish continuity of lessons. Of course if the lesson is planned to be replaced by the event then nothing needs to be done.

Once you have added events and then created classes you need to go through the lessons for each class to manually add the first Sunday lessons and the fourth Sunday lessons, provided you know what they are. If you do not know what those lessons are you can always add them later once the RS presidency determines what they will be. The fifth Sunday lesson will be established by the bishopric. You can add that once you know what it is.

You can designate an instructor for the RS class when the class was created. That instructor will be the default instructor for all lessons. The instructor for each lesson can be changed by editing the lesson. This is done by clicking the pencil-on-paper icon to the left of each lesson.
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