Edited event and affect on lessons

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Edited event and affect on lessons

Postby jdlessley » Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:11 pm

hollywelch wrote:In addition, when I edited an event (I changed the date of that event) the change did occur but on the original date the lesson schedule now says lesson "not specified" rather than putting the original lesson back. I don't know if that will work itself out when I delete the class and add it back in so the lessons will flow around the events since we still can't delete classes yet.

While the behavior is not the way we would like things to happen, the behavior you describe is as programmed. There is a feature update being worked on, and discussed in other threads, that addresses the way events affect lessons. The predominated issue is that when an event is created after a class is set up the event replaces the currently scheduled lesson. Users would like the option of having the event postpone the lesson so that manual editing of lessons for the remainder of the year is not necessary.

You have discovered the corollary to that issue. Once a lesson has been replaced by an event and the event either deleted or moved, the lesson originally replaced is not restored. You can, however, manually restore the previously replaced lesson. When the option of having a lesson postponed is implemented I hope they also consider this corollary issue.

When you delete the class and add it back in you will see that the event will postpone the lesson scheduled on the event date. This assumes that when the event is created that "All" was selected for "Check which of the following classes below will be replaced by this event". If not then the event will not affect the lessons for the class when it is created.

This is another issue that needs to be considered in the programming update for the way events affect class lessons. With the current work around to create events before creating classes to get lessons postponed there is no way to have an event automatically postpone events only for a specific class or group of classes. It is either "All" or none.

The work-around to not being able to delete a class is to not activate it. You can then create another class and set it up the way you want and then select "Active" to activate it for viewing. If you want to create a class with the same name as the one not activated I recommend you rename the one you will delete to something like "To be deleted" so as to make it easier to identify the class you want deleted.
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