Scheduling suggestion with events and how they work with calendars.

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Scheduling suggestion with events and how they work with calendars.

Postby redalarm2000 » Sat Jul 07, 2012 10:29 am

I was trying to setup our calendars for our ward this week and I read all of the posts everyone else was suggesting but I ran into something that I have not seen suggested. Here it is.

When you try and schedule an Event it lets you tell which calendar it will effect. BUT what it does not do and I think it should do is this.

When we create calendars we are able to select which auxillary it is for. We should have the same ability in the Events tool as well not just tie it to an existing calendar only. That way if I want to put in events and recreate the calendar I can and if will automagically move my lessons based on the events. The problem right now is since it is tied to a calendar when you delete the calendar to have it move the lessons for you it does not because it loses the relationship to the calendar because I deleted it. so I cannot put things in for the future and have the lessons more automatically for me.

Just a thought it would make life easier with using the tools since it is half way through the year already.

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