Events might not affect all classes

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Events might not affect all classes

Postby failproof » Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:45 am

One of the issue I have with how the lessons auto populate is around events that don't apply to all classes. I can see that for events like Stake and General Conf. that if you create them marked as applying to all classes first, before creating classes, any new classes will auto populate the lessons and account for those events in the schedule. Fairly easy work around to delete any classes that were created before the event and recreate them.
My problem, like I said was for events that don't affect all classes, like Ward Conference. If I create these events before creating a class, there is no way to tell the new class upon creation to use that event. So I create the class, then go edit the event to tell it to apply to this new class, and then when I go back to the class and try to apply the lesson it tells me that I've changed the lesson manual and that it won't auto apply that to the schedule.
Not sure if coding us underway to tweak the auto population of classes, but one solution that may not have been thought about is to allow at the time of creation of the class to select which events will apply to that class. That way if all events are in place first, creating new classes can automatically adjust the class schedule for any and all events that apply.

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Postby kyleq » Tue May 01, 2012 4:41 am

Thanks for the suggested feature failproof. We've added a task to the product backlog that describes the addition of this functionality.

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