Directions tool zooms out excessively

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Directions tool zooms out excessively

Postby Rhionin » Fri Jan 27, 2012 10:44 am

Nice tool, guys! This is looking great!

I tried to pull up directions from different wards to nearby temples, and for the most part the directions tool picked it up A-ok. however, I pumped out a lot of direction searches, changing from one ward to another, trying to swap A and B (which doesn't work for me, by the way), and clicking recommended ward results, and sometimes it would freeze on me. UI still moved when I'd click things but it became unresponsive.

However, that's just a side note. The real bug I'm noticing is that often times when the directions tool successfully finds directions from point A to point B, it will zoom out a lot, such as viewing the entire united states when my directions go just down the street. Some searches even zoom out to the entire world view. Here are some searches caused this to happen:

Tooele 7th Ward -> Draper Temple
Helsinki 3 ward -> Helsinki Temple
Munich 1 ward -> Stockholm, Sweden Temple

I am running:
Windows 7 x64
Google Chrome 16.0.912

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Postby jbw26 » Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:02 pm

It seems that the zoom level is fine on:

Window 7 x64
Firefox 10

I even tried across the world points

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