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Read This First

Postby erinbourgeous » Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:58 am

Please keep the following in mind when working with the 3.0 LDS Maps beta and when posting on this forum:
  1. Maps beta is working with prod data. Any data (household locations, etc.) you modify in this beta environment will be reflected on the current maps website.
  2. When submitting a post to report a bug or issue, please include as much detail as possible. Please ensure that it will be easy to understand and reproduce if possible by our development team. See below for complete instructions on how to report a bug or issue.
  3. Please be patient and kind. Remember we are a small team with limited resources, trying to build a tool that meets the needs of many different unit types across the world.

The purpose of this forum is to provide a mechanism for you, as beta testers, to get information about the problems you find to the dev team directly. We hope to use this type of beta test in the future to improve the quality of all the tools we provide to church units.

Because we want to address the issues you find as quickly and thoroughly as possible, we ask that you keep your posts on this forum as clear and simple as possible. We love the ideas for possible improvements that we receive in the online feedback and through the regular maps forum. We ask that you use this beta test forum for reporting broken functionality, or design issues in the 3.0 version of LDS Maps that will hamper your unit's (or anyone’s) use of the application.


If you find an issue in the maps application, following these instructions and being patient and helpful will greatly increase the chances of that issue being addressed by the development team.
  1. Provide a clear, easy to follow list of steps to reproduce the issue you are reporting.
  2. Provide as much additional detail as possible, for example:
    1. Your calling and/or role within the application, including unauthenticated sessions
    2. Your OS and browser's type and version
    3. The application's build version found at
  3. Be clear as to whether the problem happens every time, once in a while, only a single instance, etc.
  4. If you are familiar with web development and comfortable using a tool like firebug, provide as much additional technical information as you can discover.
  5. If your issue seems to be a display issue, or other issue on the client side, you may want to try your issue in another browser to determine if it is browser specific or not.
  6. Be prepared to respond to additional questions on the forum to help us investigate the problem.


As you share information on the forum, be VERY careful not to inadvertently share private information about other members of your local unit(s), such as names, membership numbers, or contact information. If you paste data from the application into a forum post, make sure it does not contain any of this private information before clicking the submit button.

Finally, thank you so much for your help in making this a successful, useful application.

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Post only one issue per thread

Postby aebrown » Fri Jan 06, 2012 11:42 am

When you do post bug reports or suggestions, please start a new thread for each issue. That way other people can chime in and give additional clarification, support, or contrasting information on the topic. The entire discussion of a particular point is then self-contained, which is very helpful to those reporting bugs, and to the development team as well.

If a new topic comes up during the discussion in a thread, please post it to a new thread so that the discussion of the new topic does not get tangled with the original topic.

And finally, please do not create new threads that contain multiple issues. Such threads pretty much guarantee that the discussion gets tangled from the very beginning.
Questions that can benefit the larger community should be asked in a public forum, not a private message.

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