Not VT Lists in LDS Tools and LCR not in sync

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Not VT Lists in LDS Tools and LCR not in sync

Postby kellymab » Tue Jul 26, 2016 7:24 am

I was looking at the sisters not visited in 13 months in LDS Tools and noticed several names in the app that have been visited several times over the past year. They show up in LCR as visited and are not on the have not been visited in 13 months list. The only common thread is that they don't have current visiting teachers assigned as they will be moving soon. Can LDS tools not read if a person has had a visit unless they are assigned to a current VT?

I did do a sync when I noticed the first name to see if something was not being read by the app.

LDS Tools Version 3.0.2 (5127)
iOS 9.3.1 on iPhone 6
iOS Locale: en-US
id : 1327269209
unit: /7u202576/5u518778/
positions : p208/7u202576/5u518778/ : p152/7u202576/5u518778/ : p145/7u202576/5u518778/

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