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Sunday Bulletin

Postby clownsu » Sun Aug 27, 2017 12:25 pm

I wonder how many millions of dollars/Euros the church could save worldwide by digitizing the weekly Sunday bulletin for each Ward. It is created electronically for print anyway. A simple plugin that displays the sacrament meeting program, announcements, missionaries serving and important contact numbers, would be very useful.

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Re: Sunday Bulletin

Postby jbtuck » Sun Aug 27, 2017 3:42 pm

My wife and I were called to create the Sacrament Program for our ward a few weeks ago, (this week represents our third program) and it has given us an opportunity to think about this and other ideas/issues.

First, members shouldn't be required to purchase a tablet/phone/computer, just to know what is going on during the week at church.

Members should be able to connect and reconnect with their Ward and stake families without the need to purchase any expensive equipment or the need to pay for internet.

Second, the standard practice in the church should reflect how the church should operate in every area the church is present.

Third, our ward has a mixture of retired couples/individuals and young to middle aged families. Many of the older individuals would be out of the loop if we just converted everything to digital.

Last, we want visitors to have a physical copy of the Ward's activities, in case they become overwhelmed with the meetings.

Though my wife and I will be looking at a few possible solutions that could add a digital version of the program to be available, we need to make sure that we are following every rule, while making sure any solution conforms to the principles of those rules, and has the approval of the Bishopric (and if necessary, the Stake President) before we implement anything.

So though we might be able to offset some of the printing costs for the church, my wife and I want to make sure that those that want a printed program, have access to one.

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