Ward Announcer - Calendar Enhancement

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Ward Announcer - Calendar Enhancement

Postby rspeth » Sun Oct 25, 2015 8:24 am

I was just thinking of a way to make the calendar more useful.
What I thought of was a Ward Announcer along with My Announcer.
I am in the Stake Young Men's Presidency and I know if I could get the right people to push the right buttons I could at least suggest entries for certain calendars.
However, I kind of don't understand why it isn't possible for anyone in the stake or ward couldn't suggest calendar entries that then go into a queue and aren't posed to the calendar until someone in charge says they are ok.
So you can tell I am a bit frustrated at times trying to get Stake Young Men's events onto calendars.
Anyway, here is how I think a Ward Announcer / My Announcer could work.
If there was a ward announcer part of LDS Tools.
Any member of the ward or any member in a stake leadership calling could create suggestions for the ward announcer.
That would make it so much easier to get information into ward announcers.
The person in charge of the ward announcer could then just look in the queue and approve the suggestions or deny the suggestions.
They could also give them an expiration date when they drop off of the announcer.
The other thing that could happed is that there could be an options to make the entry in the announcer a suggestion to whoever approves calendar items.
So the entry could go to the ward announcer and to a calendar also.
So the next thing is My Announcer.
Then I could look at the ward announcer or even on the calendar I could mark an entry as being on my announcer.
Then I have a place to look and easily see where I am supposed to be and when.
As a Stake leader I should be able to see all of the ward announcers.
Then I could place events, scouting activities or other young men's events that I need to attend or that my president has asked me to attend on my announcer.
Again I know that this is a little redundant because of the calendar but when there are 30 or more calendars to look at it gets a bit daunting and it isn't very easy to say I just want to look at this wards calendar or that wards calendar especially when they may have multiple calendars.
So to have one go-to place for events.
A Ward Announcer and My Announcer seems like it would be really helpful.
I read one thread saying that if we had something like this for each weeks sacrament program we could same a lot of paper and therefore money.
I know that there are a lot of people that wouldn't use it and so the paper is somewhat necessary.
But having someplace to go on Monday night during family council while planning the week would be so great.
I don't bring home or keep all those pieces of paper passed out on Sunday and sometimes because of my duties I don't get to my home ward sacrament meeting.
Anyway, A suggestion that I think could make like easier.
Something to think about during design meetings etc.

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Re: Ward Announcer - Calendar Enhancement

Postby russellhltn » Sun Oct 25, 2015 11:24 am

A couple of things:

1) The calendar is designed to allow quorums and auxiliaries to manage their own calendars. If a calendar doesn't exist, any member can "suggest" one. It will then be up to someone in the the unit leadership (Bishopric for ward-level, Stake presidency for stake-level) to approve it. By giving access to the calendar, not only can leaders add events, but also edit their events without concern that another group can edit them.

2) The system is designed to have multiple calendars - in part to allow each group to manage their own, but to allow members to select the calendars of interest to them. The selected calendars can be viewed on lds.org, LDS Tools and even synced to one's own calendar via a iCal file (works on both iOS and Android and other calendar systems).

When run properly, I'm not sure what the advantage is over your suggestion. The only big difference I see is that the system is designed to run "by calendar" while your suggestion is by the activity - something that seems to be more work as well as creating issues about how changes are handled.
Have you searched the Wiki?
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