Geocode rematching

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Geocode rematching

Postby cameronbrown50 » Fri Nov 04, 2011 2:28 pm

Just another suggestion...but it would be helpful if there was a way that we could rematch the addresses. Some of the unmapped locations are because of simple misspellings or problems with the city field. If we could make a temporary edit just to match the address and the location would be remapped. Otherwise, I have to go to google maps find the location, then manually edit the location based on the location I see in google maps.

Also, for whatever reason, a lot of unmapped locations seem to have perfectly fine addresses. I copy and paste the address into Google's service and it finds the location easily.

Edit: I was under the impression this forum got responses from the developers. I'll do this feedback through Although, if there are developers for the mapping site seeing this, let me know.

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