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My Ward & Stake - LDS Maps

Postby ironhorse2004 » Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:44 am

I have been looking at the new website for the ward map. I am the ward clerk and I am sometimes able to show locations of members and sometimes I cannot see them. I can look at the "verification types" and they are all turned on? The one time the locations showed up I tried to "move" a location and everything just froze up. Is it some type of flash or java update that I need????

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establishing where the difficulty lies...

Postby kisaac » Mon Jan 10, 2011 11:23 am

Welcome to the forum! First, to establish at what point you are having difficulty:

1) navigate to "maps" via (under tools menu) or take this shortcut
2) Make sure you are Signed In with YOUR lds account log in (top right of screen-) and not another family / ward member's account.

When done correctly, you will see "Welcome (your name)" in the top right, instead of "Sign In," and near the top left of the screen, under the church logo, when you click the "home" icon next to the "magnifying glass" and the "church building" icons, it will again say "Welcome "your name"" and list your callings.

Do you get to this point? Are you correctly listed there as "ward Clerk?" If so, clicking the "church building" icon should show your ward, with icons on each ward members house, (if somebody has verifed/moved them) or as unverifed addresses needing verification by you. You may now need to adjust the display options to see these and your ward boundary. Now you should be able to verify addresses, etc. Let us know if others here can help you further!

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